Jimmy Attempts To Read All Of Secret Wars XXVI


Not that we need more Secret Wars tie-ins (they are at over 200 and counting), but I feel like Marvel has wasted most opportunities with their Last Days branded books.  None appear to be of consequence (Silver Surfer is making an attempt to be, but likely won’t), few deal directly with the events of the multiverse ending incursions (Magneto, Ms. Marvel) and the rest either use it as an unnecessary framing device or completely ignore it (Punisher, Black Widow).

After the cut I will have a quick look at the following:  Ant-Man: Last Days #1, Silver Surfer #13, Silver Surfer #14, Black Widow #20, Ms. Marvel #17, Ms. Marvel #18, Magneto #21, Loki Agent Of Asgard #17, Spider-Woman #10 and Silk #7.

That’s a lot more issues than I usually cover in an update, but they should be short as I really only cover them in regards to Secret Wars, and most of them had little relevance. Note, this way be spoilers.

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