Nerdwriter On Pan’s Labyrinth


It’s time for some heady thoughts.  YouTube personality Nerdwriter took a look at Pan’s Labyrinth and saw it as a, in his words, disobedient fairy tale.

How does that work?  See his explanation after the cut, though as with all of his videos, the last thirty seconds are appeals for donations and joining his channel or the stuff that goes at the end of a lot of YouTube videos these days.

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Nerdwriter Weighs In On The Dangers Of Worldbuilding


There’s a new year coming, and we all want to build a better world for ourselves in 2016.

But worldbuilding means something else in fiction.  YouTube brainiac Nerdwriter made a video on the dangers of worldbuilding, specifically in regards to Tolkien and other large scale fantasy worlds, and how it connects to the real world.  See it after the cut, though he ends with a request for pledges.  You’ve been warned.

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Inside Inside Out


A while back, I posted some thoughts on the movie Inside Out, suggesting the themes and ideas behind it made it more of a movie for parents than the kids they took to see it.

Well, YouTube personality Nerdwriter did an even more extensive look at the movie, involving psychological theories and artistic ideas behind the film that are even more extensive than my own ramblings.  That guy is good.  See his video analysis after the cut, though there is about 30 seconds worth of him asking for support at the end of the video.

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