Jimmy Attempts To Read All Of Secret Wars XXXII (Anthology Edition)

This cover is all lies.

There’s been quite a few short stories during these last few months of Secret Wars.  I’ve liked a handful of them, but a lot of them have missed the mark badly.  (Ryan would beg to differ, but we all know what Ryan’s like.)

I’ve already looked at Secret Wars Battleworld 1 and 2 and Secret Wars Journal Parts 1-3  in some detail.  After the cut I will finish those series with Secret Wars Battleworld #3, Secret Wars Battleworld #4, Secret Wars Journal #4 and Secret Wars Journal #5.  As well, I’ll also look at the equally unimpressive Secret Wars Secret Love #1.  

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Secret Wars Rankings: Disappointing Endings Edition

I know some (very few) people think this was fitting…but I thought it was garbage. At least they redeemed themselves somewhat with their Curb Your Enthusiasm “reunion”.

I get it.  Writing an ending is hard.  There are likely unreachable expectations to live up to.  All the while trying to tie up all the loose ends and plot points your series has introduced over its lifespan.  Some accomplish it better than others and some fail miserably.  In the last few weeks we’ve seen very weak final issues from Planet Hulk, Secret Wars Journal and Armor Wars.  And don’t even get me started on the last issue of Captain Britain.

After the break we’ll look at some of those books among the biggest winners and losers of this weeks Secret Wars Power Rankings.  Tom also drops by with his thoughts on the most overrated and underrated books of the rankings.

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