Geek Review: Jessica Jones


Disney owns a lot of stuff right now.  It freaked me out a wee little bit last year when I stopped at a Disney Store last Christmas and was reminded they now have Star Wars, Marvel Comics, and the Muppets.

Point is, we here at Gabbing Geek have inadvertently ignored one of those properties because another one just put out a new movie.

Anyway, here’s some thoughts on the new Netflix series Jessica Jones.  SPOILERS after the cut.

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The Other Marvel Villain On Jessica Jones


If you are like me, and I know I am, you’ve been enjoying the Netflix series Jessica Jones. Using subject matter that makes Daredevil look like a Care Bear Holiday Special, the series has done its own take on the story between former third rate superhero turned first rate private investigator Jessica Jones and all-around sociopath Killgrave.

In the comics, of course, Killgrave goes by the name the Purple Man because he is, well, purple.  But there’s another Marvel villain lurking on the show.  I haven’t finished the series yet, so I don’t know how bad the guy will get but…see who it is with some SPOILERS after the cut.

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