Barry Is The Coolest! Gives Us Sneak Peak To Plans For Better Internet

Breaking news! The White House just posted a video from President Barack Obama in advance of his State of the Union address. In the video Barry shows us the top cities in the world that have the fastest and best internet connection. I’ll Give you one guess which city in America has the best internet connection…. If you guessed Cedar Falls, Iowa, then you are a genius. Yeah. Cedar Falls.

Anyway – he continues to say he wants to get to work on getting everyone better internet. Check out the video, it’s pretty cool. Thanks Obama!

Sony’s The Interview Grosses $31M on VOD and iTunes Alone

Quick Question: Is this the real Kim Jon Un or a screencap from The Interview? You have no idea, do you?  This is what happens when you use Facebook as your newspaper. I’ll bet you know what Frozen character you are, Mr. Buzz Feed!

As we have discussed here and on the Gabbing Geek podcast, there are fascinating strategic and financial implications of Sony releasing the Rogen/Franco comedy, The Interview “day and date.”

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