Spoilers After The Break: Amazing Spider-Man #10 Review


The latest issue of the Amazing Iron Man Spider-Man hit store shelves (for Jenny) and digitally for everyone else today.  (How many of you guys still read the majority of your books that are made from dead trees?)  Let’s take a look at it, and the post-Secret Wars Spider-Man in general after the break.  Careful, this way be spoilers.

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Secret Wars Rankings: Over Under Upside Down


One of the great things about all these Secret Wars crossovers is that so many are quality reads.  The quality varies of course.  Some are outstanding while others trail behind, but most everything is worth checking out.  This also makes it incredibly tough to rank them.

There are almost 50 unique series now.  And when attempting to rank them books fall into clusters where there is little difference in quality.  Hence when a series has a new issue that is awesome or degrades in quality from its predecessors, the series can seem to drop or rise greatly in the rankings.

After the break we’ll look at this weeks biggest movers and shakers on the Secret Wars Power Rankings.  There are also three new books this week which had a ripple effect in the rankings.  And some of my cohorts drop by with their overrated/underrated opinions.  (Spoiler alert, overrated: Watson.)

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Podcast Reation: The “Do I Really Wanna Go There?” Edition

Technically, I haven't done a whole reaction to Watson article yet.  That will not change today.
Technically, I haven’t done a whole reaction-to-Watson article yet. That will not change today.

This week on the podcast, the podcast was late and I did not get to listen to it until Monday.  My non-geek wife wanted to spend the extended holiday weekend down the Jersey shore, which is not that much like that awful MTV show depicted it to be.  We go to a nice, working class vacation town, whereas that show was filmed in a place my wife has been calling “Sleezeside” since well before anyone with a stupid nickname, no discernible talent, and a camera crew ever stepped foot in the place.

But, my parents’ tiny house down there has terrible internet connections, so while I was able to download the podcast, listening to it while trying to do stuff with the missus wasn’t in the bag, and there was a good chance any attempt to post anything here would have been a disaster when the connection cut in the middle of the write up.  So, I gave the show a listen this morning and now, well, now I need to react because it is my (self appointed) job.

In fact, my parents’ unreliable wi-fi connection there means I am a bit behind on my DCAU rewatch and don’t know if Jimmy and I will get through our required three episode discussion before the week is out.

What will I react to?  The fact I probably would have lost that trivia game badly, too?  Or something else?

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Going Through The DCAU Part Six


Continuing Jimmy and Tom’s rewatch of the DCAU.

This week, we’re covering the Batman The Animated Series episodes “Beware the Gray Ghost,” “Prophecy of Doom,” and the two part “Feat of Clay”.

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The Problem With Superman


I’ve never regularly collected Superman comics.  As you can probably guess by what I tend to write about, I’ve always been more of a Spider-Man fan with Batman a very, very close second.

Nothing against the big blue boy scout, and I’m not even sure why he ranks so low on my interest level.  Maybe he is too powerful and I relate more to the hero that is more worried about getting home with a cake for his Aunt May’s dinner party than how to beat the Shocker this go round.

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Gwen Stacy. I Really Don’t Care.

Actually, Spidey, basic physics and biology tells us your web line snapped her neck, so...
Actually, Spidey, basic physics and biology tells us your web line snapped her neck, so…

One of the most momentous moments in Spider-Man’s history was the night the Green Goblin tossed Gwen Stacy off the George Washington Bridge and she died.  This moment infused countless Spider-Man stories ever since.

For me, that’s a problem.  The issue in question came out in the summer of 1973.  I was born in the fall of 1974.  Gwen Stacy has been dead longer than I’ve been alive, but then it seems like every Spider-Man writer at a certain point had to to the “poor Gwen Stacy story”.  I really hated those.

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What Exactly Was Spider-Man’s Involvement In Civil War?




The offices of Gabbing Geek are pretty giddy about the announcement about a deal between Marvel and Sony to bring Spider-Man into the MCU.  The short version (as I’m sure if you’re like me you’ve read 800 articles about it last night and today) is that Spidey will appear in an upcoming MCU film (which we’ll assume is Captain America 3: Civil War) before starring in his next solo film in 2017.  Geekdom has been praying for this since the disaster that was Amazing Spider-Man 2, the announcement that Cap 3 would be Civil War, and the abundance of the “where’s there’s smoke there’s fire” rumors about Spidey coming back to Marvel over the last few months.

Having him make his deput in Civil War makes all types of sense.  “How can you make Civil War without Spider-Man?” has been a battle cry of many.  No doubt he was a major player and as Tom Kelly alluded to in his Problems with Civil War write up just yesterday, the affects of Civil War are still being felt throughout the Spider-Verse.

But what aspects of Peter Parker’s life during Civil War will get translated to the big screen?  I’m not in complete agreement with sitemate Ryan Garcia who thinks that Civil War is a complete headfake, and I think with the addition of Spidey, we get closer to it being an adaptation than ever.  But I do think it will only be a component of Cap 3, not the main story.  I think having Spidey opens up more avenues for them, but the whole point of the Civil War comic was to make as much money as possible to have heroes squaring off against each other.  And I think for the most part, the whole build up in the cinematic Civil War will be so that Cap can wipe that smug look off Tony Stark’s face.

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Your Weekly Update On All Things Multiverse (Or Are Secret Wars And Convergence Out Yet?)



As we trek ever closer to the big 2015 events for Marvel and DC (editor’s note: do not call them reboots!), more and more pieces are falling into place and coming into focus.

Up first, CBR has released a nicely compiled Guide to Understanding DC Comics’ Convergence. Including background on the three main time periods that the event will be revisting: Crisis, Zero Hour and Flashpoint. DC has set up each week of this event to focus on one of those time periods so you can pick your favorite and roll with it. They finish by touching on what everyone is wondering…what happens after this event? Is it a reboot (editor’s note: hey!  What did I just tell you!?!) or is it back to status quo of the New 52?

Switching over to Marvel, they started filling in some of the blanks on their Secret Wars Battleworld Interactive Map.  (The map is very cool.  Be sure to click through to it.)

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