Bento Review: Stumptown: The Case Of The Baby In The Velvet Case


I love Greg Rucka’s work.  Comic Bento sent me what was actually the second volume in his Stumptown series, explaining that the first volume wasn’t needed to enjoy the work.

That was largely true, and then I discovered a second treat when I did a little research into the series itself.

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Bento Review: Ninjak: Weaponeer


Comic Bento’s latest box came with the theme of “powerless,” or when people with little or no power take on the powerful.  I was surprised to find there were no Marvel trades this time around, but the selection I did get looks very promising.

So, let’s start with the first, namely Ninjak:  Weaponeer, the first volume in the latest series featuring the Valiant character of Ninjak.  I really dug Valiant’s Rai; would I feel the same about this one?

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Comic Review: Letter 44


I got myself a Loot Crate subscription not that long ago, and this month’s crate came with a free digital comic from Comixology.

It was called Letter 44, published by Oni.  Review of the first issue, possibly with some mild SPOILERS, after the cut.

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