5 Reasons SPECTRE Was A Fantastic Bond Movie


I am a huge James Bond fan even if I don’t love every James Bond movie.  Casino Royale was amazing and then Quantum of Solace came in and stunk up the place.  Then we were given Skyfall, an amazing movie and my favorite Bond film of all time.  So to have the entire creative team come back for SPECTRE made me incredibly excited.

Life got in the way of me seeing SPECTRE for far too long.  This is the first Bond film I didn’t see on opening night since the 90s.  But I finally did get to see it and I have to say, the mediocre reviews and sup-bar box office performance has me stumped because this is a fantastic James Bond movie.  Here are 5 reasons why but be warned, they have some SPECTRE and Skyfall spoilers after the break.

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