Star Wars Rewatch: Star Wars (A New Hope)


And now we get to the original Star Wars.

It’s about damn time.

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Star Wars Rewatch: Revenge Of The Sith


The consensus seems to be that Revenge of the Sith is, in fact, the best of the prequels.  True, that can be damning with faint praise, but…well, let’s see what the Geeks have to say about this one.

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Star Wars Rewatch: Attack Of The Clones


OK, Star Wars fans. quick question:  which movie was worse, Phantom Menace or Attack of the Clones?

See, Menace has the comedic stylings of Jar Jar Binks and obnoxious pre-teen Anakin Skywalker.  Attack has a lot of half-assed romance and obnoxious post-teen Anakin Skywalker.  I’d actually rather see Phantom Menace given the choice.  At least that one had some pod racing.

But hey, we’re not skipping Attack of the Clones.

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Behind the Scenes of Some Famous Movies


Movies are magic.  So many iconic moments.  Be careful.  The photos here may diminish the magic.  Once you see Joker and Batman having a quick coffee talk with Tim Burton, the magic fades a little.  More after the break!

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Podcast Reaction: Fixing Prequels Edition

Not shown above: a passionate love story for the ages.

This week on the podcast, those darn Gabbing Geeks discussed how to fix disappointing stories.  They also discussed pop culture mothers after Mother’s Day, but I don’t have anything to add there.  They also discussed feminist action heroes, but that might be the work of a future column.

Just go see Mad Max:  Fury Road if you haven’t already.

But I’m going to take a moment to discuss how to fix a certain infamous set of prequels.

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Natalie Portman Is Tired Of Your Nonsense, Goes Cowgirl

natalieYes, that’s Natalie Portman in her finest cowgirl attire pointing a gun at someone who probably deserves it.  Comic Book Resources posted the image and we don’t have a problem with it at all.  But when will this wave of making movies based on Aerosmith songs end?!  Armageddon was fine (I know, the song was only technically called Armageddon even though everyone else called it I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing–but that’s clearly about Armageddon when the asteroid doesn’t miss one single thing, it destroys EVERYTHING IN ITS PATH!) but the rest?

I mean, we could have done without the movies based on Walk This Way (Wild), Love in an Elevator (Fatal Attraction), Come Together (9 1/2 Weeks), and Toys in the Attic (Flowers in the Attic).

Wait, what?  This isn’t based on the Aerosmith song? It’s about a homesteading wife whose husband is filled with bullets so she seeks out a sharp-shooter to help her finish off the band of bad guys before they return to finish the job?  And the bad guy is Ewan McGregor?


Oh hell yes.