Course Correction: Sleepy Hollow


Three years ago, the Fox Network premiered Sleepy Hollow.  There is no way to describe this series without it sounding monumentally stupid.  Someone had the idea to combine the writings of Washington Irving, the Book of Revelation, and the American Revolution into one mess of a series.  British scholar turned American revolutionary patriot Ichabod Crane woke up in modern day Sleepy Hollow, New York, where he teamed up with a local policewoman, Abby Mills, to stop the coming apocalypse.  The Headless Horseman is there, and it turns out he’s the Horseman of Death.  And everything was outlined in George Washington’s personal Bible.

Really, just describing the show makes it sound, at best, dumb.  And, to be fair, it is somewhat dumb.  In the first year, the series was actually rather fun.  Then the second came around, and, well, it got kinda not good.  Now, in season three, the show may or may not be working to fix the narrative problems of season one.  How successful will it be?

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Exclusive: Mike Carey On The Girl With All The Gifts, Zombie Battles, And Melanie’s Poem!

mikecarey01Mike Carey has given us a new form of zombie.  That’s hard to do in this day and age with slow zombies (Walking Dead) and fast zombies (Boneys from Warm Bodies), viral zombies (28 Days Later) and pathogen zombies (all the rest).  But now we have a brand new form of zombie: fungal zombie!  In The Girl With All The Gifts, Mike Carey (famed writer of comic books such as Lucifer, X-Men: Legacy, and The Unwritten) brings us a world where a fungus, Ophiocordyceps unilateralis (a very real fungus that infects insects and takes over their brains), has infected humans turning them into zombies (called Hungries in the book, the Z word is never mentioned).

The books follows an infected girl, Melanie, who has somehow retained her mental abilities while still infected with the fungus that makes her crave flesh.  The book is an epic journey around London and is now being turned into a movie (of a sort) starring Glenn Close called She Who Brings Gifts.  Mr. Carey was kind enough to give Gabbing Geek an exclusive interview and provide some never-before-heard insights into his book, movie, and new world he’s created.  There are spoilers after the break, but if you don’t mind or have already read the book he gives us some fantastic, never before revealed information.  Jump after the break for all the Hungry goodness!

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