Batlexander Manilton Is The Hamilton Parody You Deserve

batlexandermaniltonI’ve been a huge Hamilton fan for over a year and dragged the Geeks into discussing the musical more than they wanted.  Now that it has crossed over into the mainstream the parodies are starting to hit.  An earlier one focused on Star Trek and Spock but didn’t do much for me.  Then this mash-up of Batman and Hamilton hit today and it…is…AMAZING!  Check out the full video after the break and stay tuned for the special cameo near the end.  Outstanding stuff.

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Too Many Cooks: Behind The Scenes

Smarf is your friend.
Smarf is your friend.

Too Many Cooks is the brilliant 80s sitcom parody that Adult Swim first aired in the fall of 2014.  It took the Internet by storm and if you haven’t seen it by now–well you’re in luck because we’ve got it after the break.  But if you have seen it then you should definitely check out this Cracked article where they discovered some incredible behind the scenes facts from its creator, Casper Kelly.  In the article he reveals that while the parody took three and a half days to shoot it took over a year to edit.  That’s some heavy detail work!  Check out the video after the break, because it just keeps getting better.  Every time you see it!

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School Of Thrones Episode 3

Yes, still not the cast of "School of Thrones".
Yes, still not the cast of “School of Thrones”.

Hey, you know how I’ve posted two episodes thus far of the online parody/mash-up of Game of Thrones and Mean Girls?  No?  Well, here’s the final episode after the cut anyway.  Now with a touch of The Breakfast Club.

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Galaxy Quest TV Series Coming To Amazon!

galaxyquestIf that headline doesn’t put a smile on your face then you have lost your emotional core.  Galaxy Quest is the rare science fiction movies that stands up within the genre even though it’s a parody of the genre itself.  As a send-up of Star Trek it succeeds and as a rousing space adventure/comedy it completely succeeds.  So the story that the movie is being rebooted as a long-form TV show on Amazon has so many intriguing possibilities, I cannot wait to see this!

School Of Thrones Part One

got stunt doubles
Not the cast of “School of Thrones”

You know what’s popular?   Game of Thrones.

Say, what would happen if, instead of warring for the Iron Throne, the characters were all in high school under Vice Principal Littlefinger, and each House was just a clique of some kind?  Say, rewrite the story to make it more Mean Girls and less HBO?

Well, someone did.  See Episode One after the cut.  I’ll probably post other parts in the future.

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The Unbreakable Game Of Thrones


A little while back I wrote in my “Non-Geek TV Reviews From The Geek Perspective” a review for the Netflix comedy Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.  One of the highlights of that series was when Kimmy’s roommate Titus Andromedon made a music video for a song he wrote himself called “Peeno Noir:  an ode to black penis”.  It mostly consisted of Titus throwing together whatever words he could think of to force into a rhyme.  You can listen to that little earworm here.

However, some enterprising folks decided that Game of Thrones needed its own version of that song using everybody’s favorite Faceless Man Jaqan H’ghar.  It’s a parody (obviously) and you can see it after the cut.  Enjoy.

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15 Mins. or Less! Star Wars GEICO Parody Commercial Wins The Insurance Wars


Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 4.55.49 PM

15 minutes could save you 1500 credits or less with TIECO. Watch as this parody of a GEICO commercial takes it to a galaxy far far away. Video after the break:

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Hey! Avengers Parodies!


Hey, you know what’s almost as much fun as anticipation for the upcoming Avengers sequel?  A Cookie Monster-based parody!

After the cut, boys’n’girls.

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The ORIGINAL Star Wars Parody!

Don't ask.
Don’t ask.

Thanks to YouTube and relatively cheap digital technology, Star Wars parodies are fairly old hat.  But what many don’t know is that Star Wars parodies are almost as old as the original movie itself.

In 1978, Hardware Wars was released.  It looks like it may have been filmed on a budget of, like, fifty bucks.  The spaceships were household appliances.  C-3PO was a guy in a Tin Woodsman outfit.  Chewbacca was a brown Cookie Monster.

Don’t believe me?  See it after the cut.

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Monday Morning Entertainment

So, as I type this up on a Friday evening, I have no idea if all the predictors are true and J.K. Simmons gets his Oscar for Best Supporting Actor as an abusive drum teacher in the movie Whiplash.  What I do know is that there is a parody about a incredibly lax steel drum teacher, and I present it here, though I suspect seeing Whiplash may help out a bit.