How Much Money a Hit Song Makes

A little off the geek beat, but you know how much Ryan and I LOVE data. Well for us this data is like the back room of a party hosted by Box Office Mojo and the Nielsen organization! A lawsuit for infringement by the estate of Marvin Gaye against the “writers” of Alan Robin Thicke‘s son gave us a peek at the payout for writing ONE hit song.

IMG_6833That’s some fat coin. Much more than Tom earned writing that story about Tyroc. Like a lot more.
Source: THR

Amazing Mashup Of Every 2014 Pop Song

Think about it.  Tens of thousands of people created microprocessors and computer programming languages and software tools and Internet protocols and audio mixing programs and video editing tools so that DJ Earworm could bring you an audio and video mashup of every significant pop song of 2014.  Because technology!