Gabbing Geek 32: The Hill

Gabbing Geek 32: The Hill
Gabbing Geek 32: The Hill

Are you into Episode 32: The Hill or are you so over The Hill?  At least 33% of our podcasters fall into the latter category–find out who and what we talk about after the break!

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Podcast Reaction: Planetary Edition

Not that Planetary.
Not that Planetary.

This week on the podcast, Ryan and Watson discussed numbers and such.  Yawn.

They also debuted the Meerkat thingamajig, but I don’t have a twitter account, so that means nothing to me.

But then there was a game where Watson was challenged to see if he could recognize various fictional planets and their source material.  Ryan did call him to task for not knowing Earthsea.  To be fair, while I do know Earthsea is the product of Ursala K. Le Guin, that’s about all I know.  Plus, Earth-C is a legitimate homonym.  Captain Carrot deserves better.

But then I got to thinking about other things…

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Pierce Brown’s Journal Reveals Red Rising Secrets!

If you’re not following Pierce Brown on Instagram – you should! Yesterday he revealed a sketch he used in his personal journal as a way to brainstorm the world for his Red Rising trilogy.  Gabbing Geek is a huge fan of the Red Rising series – so we’re totally geeking out!

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Put Your Togas Away, Space Fashion Is Here Thanks To Valentino


Well it’s about time! I mean – Valentino certainly knows what’s hip these days, because we’ve all been waiting for something we can wear into space – I mean AMIRIGHT? But truth be told, some of these little ditties are quite spectacular. Just wait till you see the space boots – I’m not joking!

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The Most Earthlike Planets Ever…except for….well…Earth!

A Gabbing Geek post where one of the Geeks pretends to be smart…

Remember when scientists thought there was indirect proof that there might be some planets outside our solar system?  Well thanks to sciencey scientists, we now know of over 1000 exoplanets.  We even found two that were so Earthlike that the Interview is playing on VOD there.

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