Podcast Reaction: The No Watson’s Club Edition

nohomers On this week’s podcast we were without the melodic tones of one William DB Watson as he served his one podcast suspension for last weeks tirade that will be henceforth known as “The Incident”.  However, the remaining geeks fell into the age old trap of talking about Watson continuously throughout.

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Playstation Plus Memberships Are Awesome. And Now They Give You Powers!


We all love Gotham.  But how much better would it be if Jim Gordon used to be Batman Superman?  If that intrigues you, you might want to check out Powers from Brian Michael Bendis.  (It’s apparently Bendis Day here at Gabbing Geek.)  While there are umpteen trade paperback collections for you to cut your teeth on, you can catch Powers as the Playstation Network’s first live action show on March 10th.

Make sure you have a Playstation Plus account if you plan to watch more than the first episode which will be free to all.

Will Star Wars Battlefront Drop in 2015?


When Disney absorbed Lucas’s Empire (heh), they shuttered Lucasgames and we felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if unemployed programmers suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.  The Mouse rolled those responsibilities into Disney’s gaming division; which is common in mergers and acquisitions.  Nothing worse than redundancy besides calling human beings redundancies…

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