The Only Person Who Likes Paul Blart 2? Watson.

blart2Paul Blart 2 may have performed admirably well in the box office but it earned the rare and elusive 0% on Rotten Tomatoes.  As loyal fans know, back in Episode 30 Watson and Ryan made a series of bets out of a line-betting game for three openers.  Ryan won the first bet by perfectly nailing the Rotten Tomatoes score for Furious 7 but this weekend saw the outcome of the second bet: whether Paul Blart 2 would score lower than 30%.  It did.  By about 30%.

This means that the remarkable has happened: Watson has won a movie bet.  This makes a wash with the Furious 7 bet and only the Ultron bet will break the tie.  Stay tuned for those results in just 14 short days!

Podcast Reaction: Blind Spot Edition

I can't find the Swamp Thing picture in the archive, so here's Groot instead.
I can’t find the Swamp Thing picture in the archive, so here’s Groot instead.

Friday on the podcast, after discussing something that came from the future and who was almost Batman, the guys and Jenny went on to discuss more of their blind spots.  I can say I’m actually familiar with most of those blind spots, so I’ll be sitting that sort of thing out next week.  There were some mighty fine choices, truth be told…well, I didn’t care for Krull when I saw it, but maybe if I’d seen it when it came out as opposed to years after the fact when I was no longer an easily-impressed kid.

That’s more or less the same reason my wife didn’t care for Ghostbusters when I showed it to her.  You gotta catch these things at the exact right time.  It’s also why I suspect I would have liked Catcher in the Rye if I had read it when I was 16 instead of 26.  Stuff happens.

Though the poll I put up last week has only gotten as of this writing about 5 votes, Bone was winning, so I’ll be rereading that, and shame on Ryan for not hittin’ that yet.  Even my non-geek wife read and loved Bone.

But I’m putting three of my blind spots behind the cut.

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Freaky Friday: Haunted Doll House Scale Replicas


On our Podcast Episode 32: The Hill, Jenny mentioned that she would like to reboot The Munsters in a more modern TV series. Well, as luck would have it, we came across this scale replica of The Munster’s house they used for the original TV show. What are the odds? And if that’s not creepy enough, Etsy artist EmmyNHiros has made many more scale replica Haunted Doll Houses. Because, you know, regular doll houses aren’t creepy enough. See more detailed photos of The Munster’s house, plus the Amityville Horror house after the break:

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Podcast Reaction: The Pitch-A-Revamp Edition

Frank Drebin is on the case!
Frank Drebin is on the case!

This week on the podcast, the Gabbing Geeks celebrated Watson’s 40th birthday by having Jenny use a faulty mic, so it sounded like Watson was senile and talking to voices in his head.  That was amusing as technical errors went.

But then they pitched some revamped old projects, like the Munsters and Flash Gordon, despite some attempts to actually revamp both of them as Mockingbird Lane (look it up) and an awful Scy-Fy channel show, also known as any Scy-Fy channel show that wasn’t Farscape or BSG.

I have an idea of my own for this.

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Geek Bets Update: Watson Owes Ryan A Coffee For Nailing Furious 7 RT Score

"Your only hope for survival is to stick this landing like Ryan did in predicting the over/under line for this movie.  Good luck."
“Your only hope for survival is to stick this landing like Ryan did in predicting the over/under line for this movie. Good luck.”

Loyal listeners of the Gabbing Geek podcast will recall back in episode 30: Future Directions, Ryan devised a game for Watson to predict an over/under Rotten Tomatoes score for three upcoming releases.  To make things interesting, they even made a coffee bet for each of the three movies and recorded them on the Geek Bets page.  Since Rotten Tomato scores can change over time as more reviews come in, Watson and Ryan agreed to count the score at 8am the Monday following the release.

The first movie is in and oh boy did Ryan nail it.  The line was set at 82% and Watson called the under.  The number as of Monday morning at 8am: 83%.  Winner: Ryan.

(Watson:  He has mentioned his accuracy several times in the last 24 hours…)

Breaking Now! Podcast Live With Gabbing Geek! 


Come join us on MeerKat as we podcast live from Watson’s rickety table. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Meerkat @GabbingGeeks to join in on the fun.  

Meerkat Your Meerkat With Gabbing Geek Meerkat

meerkatMeerkat is the hot new social media app.  It’s getting kicked off Twitter just ahead of SXSW.  And now it’s getting banned from tech events.  It’s even made the transition from just an app name to a full on social media verb.

After experimenting with Meerkat last week, the Gabbing Geek podcasting crew decided to throw in with this bold new tech and we’re Meerkatting our podcast this week.  Find out how you can watch or what it all means after the break.

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Was Birdman A Geek Movie?

Have you seen this yet?
Have you seen this yet?

I finally got around to seeing Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Innocence).  What I haven’t done since as of me writing this is listen to the spoiler-filled podcast reaction from the Gabbing Geeks on the subject of this movie.  Well, I may get to that soon, too, but for now, let’s ask a basic question:

Is Birdman a Geek Movie?

SPOILERS below the cut.

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Ryan’s Appearance On Comic Book Club

cbcliveWe mentioned a few weeks ago in the podcast that Ryan would be appearing on the Comic Book Club podcast and the episode is now live!  Here’s a few links to get you started if you’d like to listen to Ryan and podcast host Pete LePage (the other two were out that week) talk about Ryan’s upcoming comic project, Fallen, his column over at Pipedream Comics, or comics in general.  What comic book branded beer would Ryan drink?  How would a leg being ripped off impact Ryan’s relationships?  What does Ryan think of Oliver in Arrow?  Find all that out and more in the podcast!  Links after the break. Continue reading Ryan’s Appearance On Comic Book Club

Podcast Reaction: Red Rising Edition

This book will not be out soon enough to satisfy some podcasters.
This book will not be out soon enough to satisfy some podcasters.

So, this week’s Gabbing Geek podcast (trademarked and copyrighted by Jimmy Impossible in a sudden coup d’etat) largely covered the first two (and only existing) novels in the Red Rising trilogy.  Since I now write for these fine, if geeky, folks, I will now instead of writing my usual e-mail just post directly to their website.

Below the cut, there may be SPOILERS.  Or there may not be, but what do I know?

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