Letter 44 Sale Will Save You Money, Make You Happy

letter44Letter 44 is a fascinating comic book about a President who recently won the office from an unpopular man who started some wars and was generally seen as incompetent.  But the moment the new President takes over he discovers why the last President acted the way he did–aliens have been discovered inside the solar system and the old President was preparing for war. Oh, and a space expedition travelling to see what these aliens are up to will reach their destination shortly.  And then it gets really interesting.

It’s also on sale until February 16 for less than a dollar an issue (including the first 6 issues collected in a $5 volume).  So be sure to head over to the Letter 44 Comixology sale and don’t forget about the awesome Superman sale we told you about earlier and how you can save $46!

From A Certain Point Of View: Political Perspective In Speculative Fiction


Way back in the year 2000, I was snooping around the DC Comics message boards and came across a debate over who the various members of the Justice League at the time would vote for in the 2000 Presidential election  One particularly memorable individual insisted that all the various Leaguers would have obviously voted for George W. Bush except for that “treehugger” Aquaman.

There is one problem with this assumption:  Aquaman at the time couldn’t really vote in an American election.  He was the king of Atlantis.  You know, foreign citizen.  And given the way he was being written in his solo title at the time, it probably didn’t matter much to him who the president was.  Plus, there aren’t many trees to hug on the  bottom of the sea.  Oh, and he’s a fictional character.

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