Avengers Team Poll


In the wake of both Secret Wars and the MCU, Marvel now has a ton of Avengers-titles.

Well, we here at Gabbing Geek need to fill a timeslot, so here’s a scenario:

You live in the Marvel Universe when a big supervillain scuffle breaks out.  You can call one of the current Avengers teams for help.  Who do you call?  Poll behind the cut.

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Poll Time: Stupidest Superhero Weakness

Being Aquaman Is not a weakness.
“Being Aquaman” is not a weakness.

For years, many superheroes were given various weaknesses that left them helpless against any foe who could exploit said weakness.  Some of them were terrible.  But, dear readers of this site, which one was the worst?

Poll Time! What Should Tom Cover Next?


Gabbing Geek has been kind enough to give me space to spout off my highly ignorable ideas.  To that end, I usually do various weekly columns.  Tuesdays there’s something about a comic book character who died.  Wednesday is TV reviews for non-geek TV.  Thursday is the misplaced heroes series.  Fridays, ending very soon, is the recap of all the stuff Jonathan Hickman has been doing with various Avengers titles leading up to the new Secret Wars, mostly so Jimmy’s head doesn’t explode.  And, sporadically, there’s the Discworld read-along.

So, I am thinking, with the Secret Wars thing ending soon, I should do something else along the lines of a revisit to something I enjoyed in the past.  Let’s let the Gabbing Geek loyal readers (both of them) help me decide what to do next with this handy poll:

This could be fun.  Or it may not be.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

Earthsea. Ever Heard Of It?

Like Ged, Watson is searching for something.  Unlike Ged, Watson is searching for a clue.  And not that Clue.
Like Ged, Watson is searching for something. Unlike Ged, Watson is searching for a clue. And not that Clue.

In Gabbing Geek 30, Ryan played a game to see if Watson could guess the movie/TV/book/comic whatever of several different planets from various geek properties.  One of the easy planets was Earthsea.  Not only did Watson not know what it was from but he also said that nobody else would know.  That means it’s time for a poll!  Feel free to fill it out and then hit the comments to tell Watson why he’s wrong.