Star Wars: The Infographic

“At last, we shall reveal our data to the Jedi.”

All geeks love two things: Star Wars and cleverly designed infographics.  The folks over at Bloomberg finally put those two things together with Star Wars: The Force Accounted.  It’s much cooler than the title suggests.  Head over there to see exactly how much time we see the Force being used and by whom and what powers.  We get breakdowns of who says MTFBWY and even a detailed description of the methodology which is just as geeky as the rest of the article.

Your Favorite Superhero Show Is Just Like Five Others


You know that superhero TV show?  That one you really like starring that white guy who was an orphan and now fights crime?  But as a vigilante, of course.  And he has a secret identity which should be obvious to everyone around him but then again nobody seems to mind that there’s a leather costume for this superhero for no good reason?

Yeah, that show.  Or should I say one of a dozen shows?  This infographic from Bea Yuen shows that a lot of those cool superhero TV shows we’re enjoying right now are…somewhat similar.  Check out the full-sized graphic after the break.

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Like Your Marvel Comics Cheap? How Does 100 Pennies Sound?

I'd buy that for a dollar!
I’d buy that for a dollar!

As Marvel continues to ramp up to Secret Wars, they are introducing a line of cheap reprints to give you some background on the various zones of Battleworld.  Or, more specifically, like the DC Comics Essentials issues, they are making the first chapter (or so) of a story arc available for $1 in hopes that you will then buy the ~$20 trade paperback to get the rest of the story.  They can be a good introduction to readers and a cheap way to get your feet wet if you are not familiar with the properties.

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Playstation Plus Memberships Are Awesome. And Now They Give You Powers!


We all love Gotham.  But how much better would it be if Jim Gordon used to be Batman Superman?  If that intrigues you, you might want to check out Powers from Brian Michael Bendis.  (It’s apparently Bendis Day here at Gabbing Geek.)  While there are umpteen trade paperback collections for you to cut your teeth on, you can catch Powers as the Playstation Network’s first live action show on March 10th.

Make sure you have a Playstation Plus account if you plan to watch more than the first episode which will be free to all.