Teaser Time: Predator Image


Do we need another Predator?  I don’t know.  But there’s a new one coming from writer/director Shane Black, who was also the dorky guy in the glasses that got killed first in the original movie.

Given Black’s preferences, I am expecting the movie to take place around Christmas.

Teaser image after the cut.

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Tom Recommends: Predator

Gabbing Geek Tom Recommends v2

According to Hollywood folklore, the movie Predator started off as something of a joke. The concept was that since Rocky Balboa had managed to win the Cold War, there wasn’t anyone left on Earth for him to fight in the ring, so it might be time to bring in someone from beyond the stars to spar with the Italian Stallion.

And you thought Pauly’s robot in Rocky IV was ridiculous.

Thank God they made a better movie out of the idea instead.

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Possible Other Michael B. Jordan As The Son Of Carl Weathers Sequels


For a movie that sounded like it was a bad joke…Sylvestor Stalone’s Rocky training the son of Carl Weather’s Apollo Creed…Creed has been getting an incredible amount of buzz.  Oscar buzz even.  Jenny says it is fantastic, so I might have to check it out.  (I have seen six more Rocky movies than Jenny, so I might have a bit of a different perspective.)

After the cut, a collection of movie posters for possible movies that also feature MBJ playing the son of the character originally played by Carl Weathers…

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Behind the Scenes of Some Famous Movies


Movies are magic.  So many iconic moments.  Be careful.  The photos here may diminish the magic.  Once you see Joker and Batman having a quick coffee talk with Tim Burton, the magic fades a little.  More after the break!

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Cosplay Mashups

Ronald McDonald + Thor

Anybody can be Thor.  But can it takes a creative genius to pull off Ronald McDonald Thor!  I hear you like cosplay.  I hear you like geek mashups.  What about some freaking cosplay mashups?  We got it here at Gabbing Geek!

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Heroes, Villains and More Make Up This Makeup


WOWZERS! You’ve got to check out makeup artist Natasha Morley (@chibinat) and how she can transform herself into some of our favorite heroes, villains, and monsters! If I had half of these skills I don’t think I would take so long to get ready in the morning – I hate how I always poke my eye out with mascara. AmIRight ladies? I don’t know how she has the patience to sit there and do this to herself, but we’re sure glad she does, because it’s absolutely stunning. Click after the break to see some of our favorite transformations like GROOT, ULTRON, and so much more.

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Discworld Read-Along #10: Moving Pictures


Continuing my occasional series as I work my way through Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series, one novel at a time.

Today’s entry:  the tenth book, Moving Pictures.

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Awesome Cosplay Of The Day: MR. & MRS. PREDATOR


Her’s nothing like going to the Phoenix Comicon and seeing a Mr. & Mrs. Predator. I wonder what kind of clicking noises they spout at each other when someone’s forgotten to take out the trash?!….or in the bedroom. I’ll let you stew on that for a minute. 🙂

Time For Some Gratuitous Violence And Course Language

Sorry Jenny
Sorry Jenny

After the break, check out this awesome supercut celebrating some of the best action movie pre-mortem one liners.  As per the title, be aware of NSFW language and violence.

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