DC’s Rebirth: In Your Best Arnold Voice, “It’s Not A Reboot!”


DC gets a lot of flack from some for their various reboots of continuity.  Some of which is justified, like the mess that the New 52 left DC continuity in.  Marvel claims to have never rebooted their continuity.  Not on a grand scale like DC’s Crisis anyway.  But what do you call something like One More Day Marvel?  Besides a slap in the face to fans.  (IMO).

While Marvel seems to get a free pass on the whole “reboot” thing, they are constantly relaunching their line and doing soft reboots along the way.  How many of your favorite Marvel books have had new #1’s in the past couple of years?  I think Spider-Gwen which debuted in 2014 has already had 9 #1 issues!  (That’s possibly an exaggeration.)  The point is, Marvel is just as guilty in their own way.

And DC is hoping that by following the “Marvel model” with #1’s, a soft reboot and not a Crisis/Flashpoint/New 52 style reboot, fans will cut them some slack as well.

More on DC Rebirth’s “it’s not a reboot” after the cut.

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And Now…Prez Rickard

Four more years...until he can legally drink!
Four more years…until he can legally drink!

It’s President’s Day here in the United States, so for today, let’s look at one particularly odd fictional president.  He was incorruptible, idealistic, and way too young to be legally elected in the real world.  His name was Prez Rickard.

And yes, I am aware my math is wrong on the photo captioned above if Prez is an 18 year old president.  But no one would sit for a “three more years” joke anyway.

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The New 52 Is Dead. Long Live The…New 49?


Not to be outdone by whatever Marvel announces on The View today, DC is trying to make waves of their own with huge changes to their entire line of comics in the wake of Convergence.

Up first, RIP New 52 branding.  It hasn’t made sense in a long time and I guess we are back to it simply being the DC universe.  (Unfortunately it doesn’t sound like we’ll be back to the Pre-Flashpoint DCU.  Sniff.)

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