Cosplay Mashups

Ronald McDonald + Thor

Anybody can be Thor.  But can it takes a creative genius to pull off Ronald McDonald Thor!  I hear you like cosplay.  I hear you like geek mashups.  What about some freaking cosplay mashups?  We got it here at Gabbing Geek!

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Top 20 STAR WARS Wedding Cakes From A Galaxy Far Far Away



Truth be told that about this time every year, I get a little nostalgic. It’s in the beginning of July, and (almost to the date) one month before my 6 year wedding anniversary. Not that any of you care about that – because, seriously, we get enough of that crap on Facebook. But the nostalgia usually leads me to thinking about our awesome R2D2 groom’s cake – unto which was destroyed by everyone eating it (I have to admit, it was delicious). But it got me thinking, who else out there is keeping the Star Wars wedding cake theme alive? The answer? PLENTY! Check out some of the best Star Wars themed wedding cakes from a galaxy far far away:

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Jimmy Writing A Podcast Reaction Column? Well, It Was All About Comic Books.

Just TRY and name everyone in this image.

I’m sure Tom Kelly could speak to this much better than I can, and probably will in his podcast reaction column, but there seems to be some misunderstanding around the DC Multiverse and what the end of Convergence sets in motion.

Ryan is right that the original Crisis destroyed the multiverse. However, it hasn’t remained that way for 29 years.

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Darth Vader: Single Dad?


Darth Vader spent much of the original trilogy trying to kill or capture his kids.  But what if he’d had a chance to be a single dad working a stressful job trying to make things work?

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ICYMI- Ten Movies to Watch in 2015


2014 is behind us, so enough jabber about last year’s movies.  2015 is here.What are the 10 tentpoles movies that pique my curiosity in the New?  Let’s take a look.

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Podcast Reaction: Fixing Prequels Edition

Not shown above: a passionate love story for the ages.

This week on the podcast, those darn Gabbing Geeks discussed how to fix disappointing stories.  They also discussed pop culture mothers after Mother’s Day, but I don’t have anything to add there.  They also discussed feminist action heroes, but that might be the work of a future column.

Just go see Mad Max:  Fury Road if you haven’t already.

But I’m going to take a moment to discuss how to fix a certain infamous set of prequels.

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Wacky Wednesday: Go Home Toy Industry, You’re Drunk!


There is a serious injustice happening right now in the Toy industry. I’m not talking about how we’ve strayed from making toys indestructible (have you ever tried to break a Lincoln Log?), or how craftsmanship is a thing of the past. Nor am I talking about how most toys now-a-days have some kind of mechanical battery operated mechanism which leaves nothing left for imagination. No – the injustice I speak of is something that’s always been there, yet I’m so damn fed up with it – and that’s gederfication and blatant sexism in the toy industry.

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Gabbing Geek Reacts To Star Wars Trailer!

GG Crew Reacts

You’ve seen it, right? WE’VE SEEN IT! And if you haven’t seen it – then what the hell are you doing wasting your time reading another word? We’re talking about the STAR WARS EP. VII The Force Awakens trailer! Woot! Woot!! And – to show just how excited we are about this trailer, here is our reaction:

Now go watch it HERE if you haven’t already! GO! GO! GO!

Amazing Papercraft Is A Cut Above The Rest


Papercraft is one of the most intricate forms of art. All the little tiny slice and dices are enough to make any regular exacto knife user pull their hair out. But Etsy shop owner WillPigg makes it look so effortless and beautiful. You have to check out his amazing creations. All of his creations are hand cut to order, and they are mesmerizing. Check out more of Will’s work after the break:

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Princess Rap Battle: Galadriel Vs Leia

Not featured in this video.
Not featured in this video.

Rap battles are all the rage.  Or so they tell me.  Even princesses get into the act.  What was better?  The world of Tolkien or the Galaxy of Lucas?  Eh, its a slow morning.  Video behind the cut.  Some swear words are used.  You’ve been warned.

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