20 Thoughts On Marvel’s 1977 Star Wars Comic Book

Forget asking if Luke will destroy the universe (was that ever an option?)–I want to know why Darth Vader has a green helmet!

Rumor has it there’s a new Star Wars movie coming out in a month and while geeks everywhere struggle to not lose their minds counting down the days we’re also trying to find ways to distract ourselves.  Over at the Comixology podcast, Matt and Kara are holding a Star Wars comic book club and the first session focuses on the original Marvel comic book of Star Wars.  Launched in 1977 just a few months after the movie came out, the first six issues retold the original film and then went into some strange, we-didn’t-know-anything-about-Empire-Strikes-Back territory.

The first comic book club only covered these original six issues and I thought it was easier to present my thoughts visually and here on Gabbing Geek as well.  It was strange to read these issues–not only because it recreates a movie we’ve all seen so many times, but also because it retells that movie through the strange conventions of 1970s comics.  And the things it has to translate onto the page (like Artoo’s whistles or Chewbacca’s howls) definitely presented some issues to the creative team.  So jump after the break to see 20 thoughts I had upon reading this comic book.

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