Obscure (nay….Awesome) Geek of the Week: A League Who Stood For Justice

There's a NORTH Korea?

Who is the greatest champion in the fight against terrorist threats in America?  Is it the FBI? No.  The CIA?  Pshah! They miss more than they hit.  The NSA?  They (This the NSA taking control of Watson’s laptop.  While we are effective, the correct response is not us…)  The greatest foe the communist aggressors have faced since Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, and John Candy in Stripes is Austin’s own, Tim League!  While he isn’t obscure to the Gabbing Geek team, we’ll take any opportunity to talk about the coolest theater owner in the world.  Plus, he’s a fellow Rice alum!

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Gabbing Geek 21: Golden Son & Prophecies

This. Read this. Now. Unless you haven’t read the first book. In which case, read that. Then read this.


Gabbing Geek’s first podcast of 2015 is now live and we FINALLY get to talk about Golden Son, the second book in the Red Rising trilogy.  If you’ve read the first book, Red Rising, or don’t care about spoilers for the first book, then you’ll absolutely want to listen to this episode–we don’t spoil anything for book 2.  But if you want to participate in our Gabbing Geek Book Club in 4 weeks, be sure to read both Red Rising and Golden Son (they’re page turners, you won’t have any problems, Jenny guarantees it!). Continue reading Gabbing Geek 21: Golden Son & Prophecies