Like Resident Evil? Like Free Games? Like Free Resident Evil Games? Who Doesn’t?!


I’ll admit to not having played all the Resident Evil games, but have loved what ones I have.  (Except for V…which I haven’t finished…)  I like the movies too…though I haven’t seen all of them either.  Maybe I’m not as big a Resident Evil fan as I think I am.

Anyway, if you are a Resident Evil fan, the first episode of the most recent game is now free to download across console platforms.  (PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360.  Apparently the PC version is not free and will still run you around $6.)  The game was released in 4 episodes with some bonus content, the rest of which is not free currently.  So be prepared to pay up if you enjoy episode one and want to continue.

Podcast Reaction: The No Watson’s Club Edition

nohomers On this week’s podcast we were without the melodic tones of one William DB Watson as he served his one podcast suspension for last weeks tirade that will be henceforth known as “The Incident”.  However, the remaining geeks fell into the age old trap of talking about Watson continuously throughout.

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Is Michelle Rodriguez DC’s New Green Lantern?




Say hello to Michelle Rodriguez. You know the super star from epic movies like Fast & The Furious,  Resident Evil, and Avatar (and lest we not forget her run on the TV series LOST, quite possibly the best show EVAH!). In a recent article published by MoviePilot.Com, they explore DC’s tilt towards a current rumors that Ms. Rodriguez could play the new Green Lantern. Let’s break this down into smaller chunks.

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