Tom Recommends: Hulk: Future Imperfect

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Last week, I wrote up about the “Planet Hulk” storyline.  In that write-up, I mentioned how the Hulk has on occasion been a character that creators have been allowed a certain amount of experimental leeway with.  One such writer is a personal favorite of mine, and one of the better Secret Wars spin-offs was a retake of his earlier work.

The writer is Peter David.  The work was the two-part Future Imperfect mini-series.

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Slightly Misplaced Comic Book Heroes Case File #33: Amadeus Cho

What do you want to bet he's walking away from that in slow motion?
What do you want to bet he’s walking away from that in slow motion?

This column has always been there for lesser known, forgotten, or frequently recharacterized superheroes from various ages.  Today, though, I’ll be discussing Amadeus Cho, former Mastermind Excello and future Hulk.

Thing is, he’s not really misplaced, but he’s also probably something of a mystery to a lot of potential readers.  As such, here goes…

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Jimmy Attempts To Read All Of Secret Wars XXIV (Future Imperfect Edition)


I mentioned when I covered Future Imperect #1 in part 8 of this series that I had not read the original source material.  It’s on a long list of “to reads” that I have, but I don’t believe you need to have read it to enjoy this series.  I think all you really need to know is that The Maestro is an evil future version of the Hulk who has pretty much killed all the other heroes.  (Edit: or not…see Tom’s comment…)  He’s not a very nice guy.

After the break I’ll look at the remaining issues of this series: Future Imperfect #2, Future Imperfect #3, Future Imperfect #4 and Future Imperfect #5.  Currently sitting in the number 14 slot in our Secret Wars Power Rankings, the series is a good read.

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Doing It Right: The Resurrection Of Bucky Barnes


Bringing dead characters back to life in comic books is a given.  Readers generally don’t even really believe it when major heroes die anymore.  We expect them to come back.

I mean, technically, they’re just drawings on pages, so they can be revived rather easily.  You just need a good reason.

How, then, did Marvel pull off resurrecting a character that had been dead for decades in a way that actually worked?

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Do Mega-Crossovers Really Matter?

Shhh!  It's a secret!
Shhh! It’s a secret!

Want to cause a dispute among comics fans?  Ask them about big blockbuster crossovers.  Most fans claim to hate the dang things, and yet they still shell out good money to read them.  Many come out like clockwork, and storylines inbetween seem to be more the calm between storms.  Publishers promise big changes.  “Nothing will be the same!” they say.  Rarely is this ever the case, and many changes are so minor the fans barely notice.  Even if resurrection were not a distinct possibility in any case that doesn’t involve removing a tragic backstory, most fans know better than to assume many characters will actually stay dead.  Usually its more like, “This character will remain dead until we figure out how to bring them back in at least a somewhat plausible manner.”

In the end, most crossovers don’t do much.  DC has Convergence coming this summer, just in time for the 30th anniversary of Crisis on Infinite Earths, probably the only crossover to actually make massive changes that really stuck for the longest time.  Marvel is doing a new Secret Wars that is doing…something.  Neither publisher is saying anything, and that just stokes the Jimmy Impossibles of the world to a frenzy until someone is left cleaning up an awful mess of drool and disappointment.

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