It’s A Sad! Erik Bauersfeld, Voice Of Ackbar, Dies At 93

ackbarAlthough we wouldn’t recognize him walking down the street, Erik Bauersfeld gave us one of the greatest lines in geek history.  The voice of Admiral Ackbar passed away at the age of 93 but we will always have his legacy ringing in our ears.

Alan Rickman Launches Plot To Rob Heaven


“You think puny cancer could defeat me? Laughable.”
We here at Gabbing Geek went to great lengths to obtain the following transcript of Mr Rickman’s last meeting. Several Bothans and one curious groundskeeper’s cat died to bring us this material, so let their efforts not be in vain. Find out what was said after the break. 
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RIP Yvonne Craig


yvonneIt’s been a bad week for people associated with Batman.  Actress Yvonne Craig, best known as Batgirl in the 60s Adam West-starring TV show, has died.  She was 78.

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RIP Baltimore Batman

Leonard Robinson is known as batman to children in area hospitals

There aren’t enough good people in the world.

True, there are a number of good people, but when a man who gains fame for visiting kids in a hospital, a man known basically for charity, dies, well, we may be inclined to think the world is a darker place as a result.

The “Baltimore Batman” Leonard Robinson was killed in a car crash.  Robinson was known for visiting sick kids while dressed like Batman.   He will be missed.


Original SNL Cast Member Dies


Actor George Coe has died.

Don’t know who he is?  He was actually one of the original Not Ready For Prime Time Players.

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RIP Terry Pratchett

Terry Pratchett. 1948-2015.
Terry Pratchett. 1948-2015.

British humor author Terry Pratchett had died.

Pratchett, best known for his widely successful Discworld series, was 66 and had been suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease.  More after the break. Continue reading RIP Terry Pratchett

Our Leonard Nimoy Memories

nimoyIt was a sad day for geeks everywhere when we learned of Leonard Nimoy’s passing.  While we noted the sad event last week we also wanted to take some time to collect our thoughts and pay our respects to this great man and geek idol.  Here now are the collected thoughts from the Gabbing Geek crew.

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