Spoilers After The Break: The Walking Dead: The Alien


Have you heard of Panel Syndicate?  I’m thinking there is a good chance you haven’t.  Panel Syndicate is the brainchild of Marcos Martin whose name you may not recognize but he has illustrated a lot of super hero funny books over the years including Batman and Spider-Man.  His usual partner in crime is one of our favorite writers here at Gabbing Geek, Brian K. Vaughan.  Vaughan’s credits are vast but notably include Y: The Last Man, Saga and of course working on Ryan favorite, Lost.

The concept behind Panel Syndicate is simple.  These talented folks create comics for free and post them on the site for anyone to download.  The “catch” is, you pay what you want for it.  Could be nothing, or $5 or $500.  Whatever you want to contribute.

One of the posted series caught the eye of Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman who is also one of the biggest wigs over at Image Comics.  He wanted to do a print version of the Panel Syndicate series The Private Eye.  Vaughan and Martin agreed to a print version if Kirkman allowed them to write a story in the Walking Dead universe.  Kirman agreed, and The Walking Dead: The Alien was born.  More on this one-shot, complete with spoilers, after the break.

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Don’t Forget Fear The Walking Dead Debuts Sunday


If you can’t wait and just need a taste, you can watch the opening scence right now.

And after the break watch a new featurette about the show.

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Secret Wars Rankings: The Imperfect Art


The creation of the Gabbing Geek Secret Wars Power Rankings was definitely a team effort.  The blame for the majority of the actual rankings though, falls squarely with me.  I like making lists of stuff, as evident by my Spider-Man Chronology, but I hate ranking things.  So going through each and every Secret Wars issue and trying to give them a ranking was outside my usual comfort zone.  But that’s why I get paid the big bucks.

But like anything of this nature, opinions vary.  My tastes are different from others on the Gabbing Geek staff, and likely different from yours.  With that in mind, I asked Ryan and Tom to give me their opinions on the most overrated and underrated series on the list.  Find out what they had to say after the break.

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SDCC: Outcast Season One Trailer


I love The Walking Dead, but I’ve never gotten into much else written by Robert Kirkman besides Marvel Zombies.  Not Invinicible, not Outcast, not Battle Pope, not The Astounding Wolf-Man…no wait, I have read that one, it is quite good.  The others are on my long list of “to reads”…well, maybe not Battle Pope.

At Comic-Con this weekend we saw the first trailer for the upcoming Cinemax show based on Kirkman’s Outcast.  I don’t know anything about it, but it stars Patrick Fugit (best known for his starring turn in Almost Famous) and the trailer is creepy as hell and definitely has my interest.

 Check out the trailer after the break. And look for Outcast in 2016 on Cinemax.

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Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and current Walking Dead star Norman Reedus have been working on a movie together called Air.  It also stars Djimon Hounsou and is set for release in theatres and on demand in just a months time.

Watch the new trailer that debuted at Comic-Con after the break.  I don’t know that this will light the box office on fire, but it should have the target audience interested.

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