Epic Rap Battles: Robocop Vs. Terminator


Hey, did you know there’s a new Terminator movie coming out?

You didn’t?  What kind of Geek are you?

Well, the folks at Epic Rap Battles of History decided that a pair of monotone cyborgs were the best possible choices for another Rap Battle.  See it after the cut.

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1.21 Gigawatts: Jimmy Revisits A Comic Book Movie Post From Y2K

"A Watchmen movie?  Don't hold your breath." - Jimmy Impossible circa 2000
“A Watchmen movie? Don’t hold your breath.” – Jimmy Impossible circa 2000

Before I started writing endless Secret Wars posts for Gabbing Geek, I used to work on and write for a site called the Hollywood Stock Brokerage & Resource (HSBR, no “&”, I don’t care what you say).  It was a (the best) Hollywood Stock Exchange (HSX) fansite.  While the site has unfortunately closed it’s doors, I still interact with most of the group on a daily basis.  Gabbing Geek founding member Ryan “don’t call me hose311” Garcia was also a contributor to HSBR and foolishly recruited me here.

In recently rambling writing about Superman: Earth One, I mentioned that around the turn of the new millennium I wrote an article that Rising Stars by Earth One writer J. Michael Straczynski would make a great movie.  While I pulled that observation out of the Impossible memory vaults, I wondered what else I had written in said article, and if any of them had come to pass.

So let’s hop in the Delorean, look into the Pensieve, travel naked back in time courtesy of Skynet and revisit and update that post.

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