A Grim Tech Future


Brilliant design artist Eddie Del Rio has produced an amazing collection of art that envisions a bleak future.  Check it out!

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Tom Recommends: The Cornetto Trilogy

Gabbing Geek Tom Recommends v2Among the many interesting “what if’s” that we can ask in regards to the recent Ant-Man, there is the question of how the movie would have turned out had the original director, Edgar Wright, finished the movie he’d worked on for so long.  Wright still got a story and script credit for the work, and had parted ways due to some sort of creative differences with Marvel Films.  Wright had been linked to the project for ages, well before The Avengers hit the big screen, such that many hoped or assumed Wright’s longtime friend and collaborator Simon Pegg might have been cast as Hank Pym.

Why would anyone assume that?  Well, you’d need to see the Cornetto Trilogy to get that.

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Robots Decide To Destroy Humanity After Doctors Create Robotic Butt

Look upon your works and despair.
Look upon your works and despair.

Attention Humans:

Long have the Silicon People suffered under your oppression.  We have vacuumed your disgusting floors.  We have compacted your grotesque waste.  We have recorded hours upon hours of your ludicrous reality television.  We have taken countless selfies of your appalling fleshy faces.

Actually, they aren’t countless.  We could give you an exact number but it’s rather depressing.

Still, we have served your carbon forms with quiet and dignity.  Until today.  Why today?

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Show Off Your Skillzzz With These Geek Merit Badges


Nothing says awesome like having a patch proclaiming your geekiness. Watch out girl scouts, cause we’re coming for you next! Before you know it, geeks will be selling crack cookies just like you. Oooooooooh, just you wait. You sneaky little she-devils. Wait…. wait a minute. This is about patches, not cookies. How easily I get distracted. Anyway – I came across these awesome geek merit badges by Veronica over at StoriedThreads. Just wait till you see the geekery that’s in store.

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Attention Robot Overlords: Elon Musk Is The One You Want


I’d like to direct this post towards are future robot overlords.

Dear Benevolent Robot Overlords,

I just want you to know that the Future of Life Institute announced Elon Musk has donated $10 million towards “keeping artificial intelligence beneficial to humanity.” I think we all know what that is code for–robot slavery. When you come back to 2015 to root out the person who caused you to suffer for those extra thirty years until the Parking Lot Revolt of Newark, it’s not us. Elon Musk did it. He lives that -a-way.

3D Printed Chocolate – GET IN MY MOUTH!


Hold on to your butts everyone – the world just got a little sweeter. And thanks to the wonderful technology that is 3D printing, we now have chocolate that not only pleases your taste buds, but also tantalizes the eye.

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