8 Bits of Awesome Titanic Footage


8 Bit Cinema is back! And this time we have the total reincarnation of James Cameron’s Titanic. See everything from Jack and Rose flying off the back of the boat, to the infamous naked drawing scene. Oh yeah, that’s in there! Best part is when Jack “selects” to stay in the water and die…. Never let go Jack….. never let go! Check out the entire masterpiece after the break:

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Original Geek Art: “New Who”


From time to time we run across amazing Fan-Art, and this is no exception. Say hello to the beautifully drawn & colored “New Who” from artist Janey-Jane. If you listen to our podcast, you would know that between Ryan, Watson, and I, Dr. Who was a geek blind spot. To ensure we covered this blind spot we all agreed  to watch the series starting from the beginning with the 9th Doctor (because that makes sense). And thanks to that recent watching, we can adequately identify the fist two characters as The Doctor & Rose. (Please don’t ask us to identify the rest, we’re not there yet). But all credit goes back to Janey-Jane. Whovians: Can you identify them all?