Podcast Reaction: Planetary Edition

Not that Planetary.
Not that Planetary.

This week on the podcast, Ryan and Watson discussed numbers and such.  Yawn.

They also debuted the Meerkat thingamajig, but I don’t have a twitter account, so that means nothing to me.

But then there was a game where Watson was challenged to see if he could recognize various fictional planets and their source material.  Ryan did call him to task for not knowing Earthsea.  To be fair, while I do know Earthsea is the product of Ursala K. Le Guin, that’s about all I know.  Plus, Earth-C is a legitimate homonym.  Captain Carrot deserves better.

But then I got to thinking about other things…

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A Spoiler Filled Walk On The Great Web Of Spider-Verse, Part Seven


Be sure to check out the other parts of this series: Part One (Intro/Reading Order) | Part Two (Weaving The Web) | Part Three (Edge of Spider-Verse) | Part Four (Spider-Verse, Part 1) | Part Five (Spider-Verse, Part 2) | Part Six (Spider-Verse, Part 3)

In this installment, we will look at the Spider-Verse Epilogue issues and the cross platform tie-ins.

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Podcast Reaction: The Christopher Reeve Edition


I’d like to start off by suggesting, maybe going so far as to assert, that I do exist.  It is true I prefer not to pose for photographs, but I have a couple.  And, furthermore, Watson doesn’t buy gifts.  This is an Established Fact.

And while I would have preferred to have discussed my own rankings for various movies of the Batman or Superman variety, I think I will instead take exception to something Ryan said about how boring a Silver Age Superman movie would be.  I happen to disagree, because such a movie (or two) already exists, and they’re not boring.

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A Disclaimer

Oh well.
Oh well.

Yesterday I posted a positive review for a low budget sci-fi movie called The Machine.  I was then informed that both Ryan and Watson put the movie in question on their worst flicks of 2014.

Um, oops.

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Ryan’s Appearance On Comic Book Club

cbcliveWe mentioned a few weeks ago in the podcast that Ryan would be appearing on the Comic Book Club podcast and the episode is now live!  Here’s a few links to get you started if you’d like to listen to Ryan and podcast host Pete LePage (the other two were out that week) talk about Ryan’s upcoming comic project, Fallen, his column over at Pipedream Comics, or comics in general.  What comic book branded beer would Ryan drink?  How would a leg being ripped off impact Ryan’s relationships?  What does Ryan think of Oliver in Arrow?  Find all that out and more in the podcast!  Links after the break. Continue reading Ryan’s Appearance On Comic Book Club

Podcast Reaction: The Recommendations Edition

You should read this.
You should read this.

Let’s hear it for peer pressure.  After Watson, myself, and a podcast listener told them so, the crew of Gabbing Geek will be reviewing Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

In light of people giving and getting recommendations, here’s my recommendations for reading, watching, and playing.

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