Spoilers After The Break: Spider-Man #3 Review


I think I’ve read every appearance of Miles Morales.  I’m working on reading every appearance of Peter Parker.  But now that the Ultimate and 616 universes have been blended together, it brings up some questions.  More on this and Spider-Man #3 (with spoilers) after the break.

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At Long Last, Miles Morales Makes His Prime Marvel “Debut” Today In Spider-Man #1


We’ve known for quite some time that Miles Morales would be spinning his webs in the Prime Marvel Universe after the events of Secret Wars and the destruction of the Ultimate Universe.  In fact, Miles has been swinging around his new universe for a while now, having made appearances in other books, namely All-New All-Different Avengers for the past 3 months.

Which brings us to today’s release of Spider-Man #1.  Marvel has been staggering their new releases post Secret Wars for many reasons.  One, though they will downplay it as much as possible, the lengthy delays of Secret Wars itself.  Two, they wanted to spread their new number ones out so that they weren’t clobbering each other ala DC’s New 52 (and it looks like their upcoming Reboot Rebirth project.)  But third, and maybe most inportantly for this book, they wanted to get the band back together.  What I mean by that is Spider-Man #1 sees the reunion of Miles creators Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli.

As for the issue itself, I found it a bit uneven.  If you are a fan of Miles you will likely be happy with it, but several aspects of it came off a bit strange to me.  I’ll dive into them more after the cut as things will get a bit spoilery.

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