Trailer Time: Hail, Caesar!


Look, there’s nothing particularly Geeky about the Coen Brothers.

But they make darn good movies.  See the trailer for their next one after the cut.  Considering how George Clooney, Channing Tatum, and Scarlett Johannsson are dressed for this one, that could count for a daily cosplay…but probably not.

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Gabbing Geek Review: Box Office Year to Date


We here at Gabbing Geek LOVE box office reports.  Ok….JUST me and Ryan.  Everyone else seems to hate them.  We’ve talked a lot about it the last few weeks, so let’s look at the winners and losers of this year’s box office as we wait for the Martian to officially kick off the Fall movie season.

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A Disclaimer

Oh well.
Oh well.

Yesterday I posted a positive review for a low budget sci-fi movie called The Machine.  I was then informed that both Ryan and Watson put the movie in question on their worst flicks of 2014.

Um, oops.

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Captain America: Civil War Production Details 


Excited about Ant-Man?  Lot of news about that lately.  Avengers 2 coming out.  We should discuss the relationship between Vision and Jarvis.  Yeah, screw that, let’s talk about Civil War!  Anthony Mackie (aka the Falcon) teased some filming locations of the much anticipated Iron Man 4 err….we mean Captain America 3. (RDJ is a supporting actor).

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