Secret Wars Rankings: Over Under Upside Down


One of the great things about all these Secret Wars crossovers is that so many are quality reads.  The quality varies of course.  Some are outstanding while others trail behind, but most everything is worth checking out.  This also makes it incredibly tough to rank them.

There are almost 50 unique series now.  And when attempting to rank them books fall into clusters where there is little difference in quality.  Hence when a series has a new issue that is awesome or degrades in quality from its predecessors, the series can seem to drop or rise greatly in the rankings.

After the break we’ll look at this weeks biggest movers and shakers on the Secret Wars Power Rankings.  There are also three new books this week which had a ripple effect in the rankings.  And some of my cohorts drop by with their overrated/underrated opinions.  (Spoiler alert, overrated: Watson.)

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Secret Wars Rankings: The Imperfect Art


The creation of the Gabbing Geek Secret Wars Power Rankings was definitely a team effort.  The blame for the majority of the actual rankings though, falls squarely with me.  I like making lists of stuff, as evident by my Spider-Man Chronology, but I hate ranking things.  So going through each and every Secret Wars issue and trying to give them a ranking was outside my usual comfort zone.  But that’s why I get paid the big bucks.

But like anything of this nature, opinions vary.  My tastes are different from others on the Gabbing Geek staff, and likely different from yours.  With that in mind, I asked Ryan and Tom to give me their opinions on the most overrated and underrated series on the list.  Find out what they had to say after the break.

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