Simpsons Did It!: “Principal Charming”


Up until this point, Marge’s sisters Patty and Selma seem to have been fairly interchangeable.

That will change now.

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Why The Oscars Suck: Best Picture Nominations

This may have something to do with today’s column. Or it doesn’t. Only you can decide.

Dear Oscars,

You suck for so many reasons it’s hard to pick just one. You are a self-congratulatory, over-hyped, out-of-touch celebration of how you don’t understand your audience. You pile heaps of affection onto movies that most of your audience didn’t see and couldn’t care about. You are bland, boring, predictable, boring, elitist, and boring. But I’ve been told I can only focus on a single area of your suckitude so I picked why you suck on your biggest award: Best Picture. Continue reading Why The Oscars Suck: Best Picture Nominations

Weekly Box Office Report: Man Were Watson and Ryan Wrong!


Yikes!  I was gabbing with Ryan this week about box office projections (yes…this is what we talk about in real life) and we both scoffed at the lofty box office projections of American Sniper.  I thought maybe….maybe, the film could hit the upside of matching Sole Survivor’s $120M.  I honestly thought it would finish its run with $80-90M unless it won Best Picture.  Ryan even took the Under on that call.  Well, I was right about the $90M number….if I predicted that for OPENING WEEKEND!

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Gabbing Geek Analysis: 2015 Oscar Nominations


Oh…my…God!  The Oscars are my Superbowl so the day the nominations are announced is like the Conference Championship Games.  I also enjoy the Superbowl because, living in Texas, it is a state law that you must love football.  It’s anyone’s year but more and more it is looking like the Patriots are going to…wait a minute.  I was talking about the Oscar nominations.  Sorry.  I get distracted sometimes!  Ooohhhh… SQUIRREL!

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Gabbing Geek Weekend Box Office Report

Thank Goodness!

Debuting in the box office wasteland that is January?  A film so bad Ryan contemplated filing charges in his review?  Facing a competitive NFL Playoff Weekend?

Despite all these things that should have killed it, Taken 3 hit big this weekend.

May God have mercy on all of us.

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Weekly Box Office Report

Peter Jackson struck a deal with AT&T to send you not one, but THREE cell phone bills!


A New Year, a new box office report.  Hobbit:  Five Armies holds the Box Office crown for a third weekend, meaning that all six of the Middle Earth films held the one ring for at least three weekends.  Hobbit 3 brought in $21.9M in the first weekend of the New Year and is approaching the magic $750M globally.  We assume that now Peter Jackson and team are wondering if they can go There and Back Again…and back another time.

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