Morning Star Set To Conclude Red Rising Series In February 2016

morningstarPierce Brown took to social media on Tuesday to show a picture of the completed manuscript for Morning Star, the conclusion to the epic Red Rising science fiction series.  He also revealed that the book will be released in February–a bittersweet announcement since the book was originally delayed to spring 2016 but then moved back to January.  This slight delay is still better than the original gap, we’re just all excited to read the conclusion to the series that hasn’t disappointed.  There’s still time for you to read Red Rising and Golden Son to catch up so start now!  Oh and he’s also coming to Austin and a few other cities for a book tour in February 2016 so expect our own Jenny to add him to the #jenny30 ask some questions about one of our favorite book series soon!

Jack Ryan TV Series Lands On Amazon

In this case, Alec shot first.
In this case, Alec shot first.

Deadline is reporting that a new series based on Tom Clancy’s famous Jack Ryan character has landed on Amazon as a straight to series order instead of Amazon’s typical pilot try-out.  The series will bring a modern adaptation to the Jack Ryan character which, through several books, rose from the ranks of a CIA analyst to eventually become President.  Although I was a fan of the earlier Clancy books, the later ones got bogged down by too much outlandish right-wing politics and war-porn (many, many pages describing exactly how a cluster bomb works…I felt dirty).

Four actors have already played the character, it will be interesting to see what direction the fifth actor takes.

Geek Tip: Don’t Go See Allegiant

No one can save you from the final movie except yourself.  Rise above!
No one can save you from the final movie except yourself. Rise above!

I’m here to save you.  Yesterday, Tom posted a first look at the Allegiant trailer.  He didn’t know, so we can’t blame him.  But Allegiant wasn’t just a bad book, it was so bad it ruined the previous two books.  And there’s no way the movie can be any different.  I won’t spoil it for you, because even I’m not that evil, but if you saw either/both of the first two Divergent movies, please jump after the break to read why you should absolutely, unequivocally avoid the third movie.

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New Guardians Of The Galaxy Mix Tape? James Gunn Is Not A Fan

cosmicmixThe Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon has revealed its first soundtrack compilation and the film’s director doesn’t like it.  While the first two episodes are set to premiere on September 26 on Disney X D, the soundtrack itself won’t come out until October 16 according to Marvel.  This hasn’t stopped Marvel from revealing the full compilation–and since all the songs are from the 70s it doesn’t make one bit of sense to delay the soundtrack but whatevs.

Asked for his opinion on the soundtrack, the brilliant James Gunn who gave us the first movie tweeted his disappointment.

Check out the full list after the break.

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