ICYMI: Coulda Been Casting: 80’s X-Men Movie


I spent many hours as a kid not just praying my favorite superheroes would get their own big budget action movies, but actually casting these can’t miss vehicles with the stars of the day.  Forget the budgetary impact of having all the biggest stars of my youth in one movie, the only limitation was my imagination!  It was quite a way to toil away the time; necessary as Words With Friends was still decades away.

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Awesome Cosplay Of The Day: KITTY PRYDE (SHADOWCAT)


I love a good X-Men cosplay, especially if it’s Kitty Pryde (my gamer tag just incase anyone wanted to know….actually it’s HelloKittyPryde, but who cares). Anyway – back to the cosplay. We love how TMC Illustration captured one of Professor X’s top students – bonus – WITH DRAGON! (via: Comicbook Cosplay)