Jimmy Attempts To Read All Of Secret Wars XXX (Siege Edition)


I’ve never read the 2009/2010 Siege from Marvel.  Which really doesn’t matter since that Norman Osborn/Loki/Asgard story has nothing to do with the current Secret Wars mini-series of the same name.  While many other series have only “borrowed” the name of a previous event, they are at least usually related in some way.  Infinity Gauntlet for example.  But in this case, Siege is the story about the men and women who defend Battleworld from the horrors on the other side of The Shield.

After the cut I will look at the excellent series containing Siege #1, Siege #2, Siege #3 and Siege #4.  If you are only reading the main series or are picky about the tie-ins you are reading because only an insane person would read them all, I’d recommend moving Siege onto your buy list.  It is one of the few that is heavily integrated into the main story, and you will get a lot more out of Secret Wars #6 in particular after reading this series.  (Note, I kinda spoil the end of Inferno, so if you care, make sure you are finished that as well.)

(And I’m sure there is a Watson joke in the title of this post somewhere…)

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