George R R Martin Still Sucks, Doesn’t Suck More

Did I just take my evil to 11?
Did I just take my evil to 11?

You can’t spell G R R Martin without Grr and that’s probably because he infuriates us all.  Between the book delays and the TV show passing the book series–he’s certainly given his fans enough material to be less than thrilled with him.  So when I saw he was working on a new Cinemax series I thought “Oh, great, another excuse for more Game of Thrones delays.  At least this one will skip the pretense of having a story and just skip straight to the nudity.  Because Cinemax.”

But it turns out the series is based on a novel he already wrote (The Skin Trade, all about werewolves) and he isn’t revisiting the work with new novels.  The most he did was approve the writer for the show from a number of interested candidates.  Bah.  No big deal.  He’s not any better, but he certainly isn’t any worse for cashing in on his current fame.

Skin Trade.  Who could’ve guessed that would end up on Cinemax?