Pitch Perfect 3 Moves To Acca-gust

pitchperfect3Universal has decided to move Pitch Perfect 3’s release date from July 21, 2017 to August 4, 2017.  Movies opening in August are typically a bad sign, but Universal may be thinking that the Pitch Perfect crowd will see the movie no matter the month and this way they avoid an otherwise crowded release date.

Three other high-profile movies are scheduled for Pitch Perfect 3’s previous release date: a new Christopher Nolan film (no details yet), a new Fox/Blue Sky animated film (no details, but c’mon it’s another Ice Age film, right?), and the new Luc Besson film Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (based on a graphic novel I’ve never heard of but now need to read).  That’s just the third weekend in July, 2017; the first weekend still has Pirates of the Caribbean 5 while the second weekend should see the third Planet of the Apes reboot.  The fourth weekend still has Sony’s latest solo Spider-Man movie on the calendar–quite a month.

Although details about Pitch Perfect 3 haven’t been revealed I’m guessing the ladies start off having fun, then they start to lose, then they participate in some strange amateur competition which motivates them to bring out their best and then they win the big contest at the end.  Call it a hunch.

Podcast Reaction: Villains Edition


This week the podcast came out a day early, but I got a new Kindle Fire and don’t know yet how to download the show before going to work to listen during my lunch break.  And no, downloading at work isn’t an option.  Because reasons.  There are some, but I won’t go into them.  Anyway, here’s the podcast reaction.

I don’t really have anything else to add to the discussion of The Martian.  It’s a great book, and I gave a SPOILER-FREE review for it elsewhere.  Like right here.

Instead, let’s talk about how to make a good villain.

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Marvel Picks Two Guys You Never Heard Of To Star And Direct Next Spider-Man Film

Your new Peter Parker looks like he might need to hit the weight room…

I’ll be honest, I have no idea who Tom Holland or Jon Watts are.  But they are likely to become household names with Sony and Marvel’s announement that they are the new star and director respectively of the next Spider-Man film from Sony.  Read through the Marvel/Sony press release for all the “rah rah here they are” and “we worked really hard to find the right people”, etc.

For all that, the rest of the article is low on details, significantly if Holland/Spidey will officially appear in Captain America: Civil War.  But since every Avenger as well as Superman, Batman, Mighty Mouse, Deputy Dog, the cast of Three’s Company and F-Troop are all scheduled to appear, I think it is save to say our new Spider-Man will make his debut there in some capacity.

Captain America: Civil War is set to open May 6, 2016, while the next solo Spider-Man film spins a web on  July 28, 2017.

ICYMI- Ten Movies to Watch in 2015


2014 is behind us, so enough jabber about last year’s movies.  2015 is here.What are the 10 tentpoles movies that pique my curiosity in the New?  Let’s take a look.

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Gabbing Geek 38: Maxi-Mom Endings

Gabbing Geek 38: Maxi-Mom Endings
Gabbing Geek 38: Maxi-Mom Endings

The latest episode of your favorite weekly geek podcast is here and we’re covering Mad Max: Fury Road, a fun game about moms of geek characters, and we rewrite endings to our favorite geek properties.  Listen to it now or jump after the break to find out more!

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Fox And Disney Now BFFs? Can We Speculate About Marvel Properties?

We're a half step closer to seeing this become a reality on the big screen.
We’re a half step closer to seeing this become a reality on the big screen.

While the announcement last night that all six parts of Star Wars will be available digitally by the end of the week is geektastic, the bigger picture here is that Disney and Fox are playing nice together. One of the biggest hurdles with any Star Wars re-release is that Fox own the rights to Episode IV, while Disney owns the rest. These major studios are not known to get along nor want to help each other out. But with the Sony/Marvel Spider-Man deal paving the way, these barriers seem to be coming down. And maybe this is the first step towards a blu-ray/digital release of the original trilogy in their original format and not Lucas Super Sized. (And maybe I’ll finally be able to get rid of my VHS copies of them…though I no longer own a VCR…) Continue reading Fox And Disney Now BFFs? Can We Speculate About Marvel Properties?

Podcast Reaction: The Dead Pool Edition

Not this Deadpool.
Not this Deadpool.

This week on the podcast, we saw Watson’s morals crumble under the weight of peer pressure.  While I am flattered that an article of mine would attract some attention, I was writing about various Geek Icons, all over 60 years of age, who may or may not be around much longer.  Seeing as how the conversation turned to who might die next and how much money might be down on that, I was a wee bit dismayed.  And I will not be putting a bet down on Betty White.  No.  I won’t be.  The age thing is why Carrie Fisher was left off, by the by.

But good for Watson for holding out for a little over a minute.

Now I’m going to agree with one of his other points.

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Is Michelle Rodriguez DC’s New Green Lantern?




Say hello to Michelle Rodriguez. You know the super star from epic movies like Fast & The Furious,  Resident Evil, and Avatar (and lest we not forget her run on the TV series LOST, quite possibly the best show EVAH!). In a recent article published by MoviePilot.Com, they explore DC’s tilt towards a current rumors that Ms. Rodriguez could play the new Green Lantern. Let’s break this down into smaller chunks.

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Poll: Spidey Will Be In the MCU. Will the MCU Be In Spidey.


Last week, we learned Marvel and Sony struck a deal to let Spidey play in the MCU teamup films.  This means a reboot of Spidey and new solo films in 2017.  In this week’s Gabbing Geek podcast, Ryan said while it may be the same actor and origin, there will be NO bleedover references to the MCU in the Spider-Man stand alone.

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What Exactly Was Spider-Man’s Involvement In Civil War?




The offices of Gabbing Geek are pretty giddy about the announcement about a deal between Marvel and Sony to bring Spider-Man into the MCU.  The short version (as I’m sure if you’re like me you’ve read 800 articles about it last night and today) is that Spidey will appear in an upcoming MCU film (which we’ll assume is Captain America 3: Civil War) before starring in his next solo film in 2017.  Geekdom has been praying for this since the disaster that was Amazing Spider-Man 2, the announcement that Cap 3 would be Civil War, and the abundance of the “where’s there’s smoke there’s fire” rumors about Spidey coming back to Marvel over the last few months.

Having him make his deput in Civil War makes all types of sense.  “How can you make Civil War without Spider-Man?” has been a battle cry of many.  No doubt he was a major player and as Tom Kelly alluded to in his Problems with Civil War write up just yesterday, the affects of Civil War are still being felt throughout the Spider-Verse.

But what aspects of Peter Parker’s life during Civil War will get translated to the big screen?  I’m not in complete agreement with sitemate Ryan Garcia who thinks that Civil War is a complete headfake, and I think with the addition of Spidey, we get closer to it being an adaptation than ever.  But I do think it will only be a component of Cap 3, not the main story.  I think having Spidey opens up more avenues for them, but the whole point of the Civil War comic was to make as much money as possible to have heroes squaring off against each other.  And I think for the most part, the whole build up in the cinematic Civil War will be so that Cap can wipe that smug look off Tony Stark’s face.

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