Spider-Man Complete Chronology Update 9

SpiderMan Chronicles

And we’re back!  This update took longer than I suspected for many reasons.  Some of them personal, some of them ironing out a few continuity issues, but luckily none of them trying to figure out if it was winter and where Peter Parker was working!

It’s a big update consisting of over 90 issues as we make our way through most of 1981-1982.

As usual, spoilers follow from here on out if you’ve missed out on the last 50 years of Spider-Man and are just getting started.

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Spiders, Spiders Everywhere Part 10 (Death Of Captain Marvel Edition)


The Death of Captain Marvel is one of those stories that routinely show up on critics “best of” lists, but that you never get around to reading.  Well, it has been that way for me anyway.  But I recently remedied that as I had to read it to see if it fit in with the Spider-Man Complete Chronology.  Given I’m writing about it in this column series and not in a Chronology update, I think reveals the answer to that.

More about The Death of Captain Marvel and it’s place in Spider-Man lore after the break.

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Spiders, Spiders Everywhere Part 9 (Contest Of Champions Edition)


If you are old like me you probably remember Marvel Super Hero Contest Of Champions.  It’s a series with a backstory perhaps more interesting than the series itself.  It also paved the way for all those mega crossovers you love/loathe today.

Contest was Marvel’s first limited series.  It was also the first time that one of the big two had all of their heroes come together to battle a single threat.  And while it had no endless amount of tie-in books, it clearly set the stage for the original Secret Wars and DC’s Crisis On Infinite Earth’s, which would appear not long after.

More on Contest and what any of this has to do with our pal Spider-Man and it’s exclusion from the Spider-Man Complete Chronology after the break.

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Spiders, Spiders Everywhere Part 6

I’m not sure what Mr. Marvel has to do with Spider-Man, but they are sure milking it with this cover. The ad copy, her fighting Spidey foe The Scorpion and the disembodied heads of MJ, JJJ and Peter himself.

Continuing my Friday afternoon filler with cameos that don’t quite make the cut to be included in the  Spider-Man Complete Chronology.

After the break see such groundbreaking panels as:

  • Peter saying hello!
  • Peter saying nothing!
  • Peter saying nothing, but thinking something!
  • Peter in someone else’s book for no reason other than his Spider-Sense to go off!

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Spider-Man Complete Chronology: What The Hell Happened?

SpiderMan Chronicles

When I dropped off my resume to Gabbing Geek, one of the big draws to them was the work I had done on my own Spider-Man chronology.  Once I was hired (and grossly underpaid) it took a while but the Spider-Man Complete Chronology finally made it to the site.  There were several updates, but then…nothing.  No updates since April 30th.  But why?

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