Spoilers After The Break: Spider-Women Alpha #1 Review


I think I read all of Marvel’s Spider-Man related books except for Spider-Woman and Silk.  Now, before you start rolling your eyes, it’s not because they are women, I do read Spider-Gwen.  I’ve just never connected with Jessica Drew and am not a big fan of Cindy Moon.

So one has to wonder why I am reading the Spider-Women crossover event when 2/3 of the characters have no interest to me.  I guess the pull of that 1/3 is strong.  And I am a sucker for crossovers.  I also hate reading a book from a series that is part of a crossover and not read the other parts.  After the break, minor spoilers and a look at the book that kicks off the event: Spider-Women Alpha #1.  (Does it need the “#1”?  Marvel insists, but I think it unnecessary.  Anywho…)

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