Review: Morning Star (Spoiler-Free)

rrseriesThe final book of the Red Rising series was released last week and for the first time in the trilogy I did not make it through the book in a day or two.  I found myself dragging my feet, both propelled forward to find out what happens next and also unwilling to see it all end.  Because it is all good.  So good.  And to have a series be this good and deliver on its promise is rare.  But I did finish, as these things must.  So jump after the break to read my spoiler-free thoughts on the conclusion of this epic tale.

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Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation — The Spoiler-Free Movie Reviews

roguenationYour mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find out what all the Gabbing Geek crew thought of the latest Mission: Impossible movie.  We’ve gathered all the reviews into those one convenient location and this is not at all a trap to lure you into our secret plan.  Nope.  Not a trap at all.  Just some spoiler-free movies reviews.  Do you trust us?  Good.  Head after the break to find out what we thought!  (We’ll be updating throughout the day as more of the crew sees it so check back often!)

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