National Day Of What?! How Did That Happen?

Talk Like A Pirate Day is coming after all.  Did you get a card for your loved ones yet?
Talk Like A Pirate Day is coming after all. Did you get a card for your loved ones yet?

Have you ever heard about some weird holiday, official or otherwise, that is apparently a “National” holiday?  After all, Friday is apparently National Doughnut Day and it may be vital to know that in case the local doughnut shop is giving out free samples–as both Dunkin Donuts and Krispe Kreme apparently are.

But really, where do these days come from?  What makes them National Day of Anything day?

It turns out it is and it isn’t that hard.

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Other Geek Holidays

This was unexpected...
Yeah, there’s more than Star Wars Day…

Apparently, we here at Gabbing Geek missed some unofficial Geek Holidays.

Now, I am aware I was the humbug who spouted off against Star Wars Day.  But I checked the blog this morning and there was nothing scheduled for 8, so here we are.

It seems that May 25th was a pair of unofficial Geek Holidays.  One was “Towel Day” in honor of the late author Douglas Adams, who wrote the five book Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy trilogy.  Those are fun.  I’d recommend them…well, maybe not the end of the last one.  Adams had depression and it shows.  That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Then the really baffling one we missed was, and I kid you not here, Geek Pride Day.  Missing this one around here is almost inexcusable.  Almost.  We don’t have to change our name or anything.  The “Nattering Nerds” doesn’t have the right ring to it.  But the 25th was Memorial Day here in the States and we were doing summer reruns or something.  I blame Jimmy.


Imperial Walker Is The Perfect Star Wars Day Closer


Wait.  It was YESTERDAY?!?

I’m old now.  You guys need to speak louder.

Star Wars Music Parody Videos


The interwebs is a cesspool of awesomeness, especially when it comes to Star Wars parody videos! Check out some of our favorite varieties that have graced the galaxy like: “Do You Want To Kill Some Rebels (Frozen)” and “Wrecking Maul” and of course the Bohemian Rhapsody: Star Wars Edition! See these and more after the break.

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Star Wars Day? Really?


The first time I can remember going to the movies, it was to see Star Wars.  I must have been between four and five.  I went with my dad, just the two of us.  A part of me is a little jealous my kid brother will be able to do the same with his son in December.

Now, that movie made an impression, obviously.  I mean, I am aware I went to the movies prior to this one, almost certainly to see Disney cartoons or something, but I remember Star Wars as the first.  It was almost certainly one of my gateways into science fiction, fantasy, and being a geek.

So why am I not a fan of “Star Wars Day”?

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Short Documentary Of Why Star Wars Cosplay Is Timeless


Hopefully you were able to see all the amazing cosplay that came out of the Star Wars Celebration this past month. But if you missed it, never fear, Cosplay Boom captured it, along with the touching stories of the people who spend numerous amounts of hours to recreate the characters from a galaxy far far away. Many of the costumes look like they were plucked straight out of the film, but some of the most creative examples are those that blend a cosplayer’s varied passions into one outfit – like the famous Hip-Hop Stormtrooper pictured above.

You’ll want to grab a tissue or at least have your handy “IT WAS ALLERGIES” excuse ready to go, because this video is amazing:

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Happy Star Wars Day: May the Fourth Be With You!


Welcome to Gabbing Geek’s Wall to Wall celebration of Intergalactic Star Wars day!  Unless some MAJOR news breaks today, we will ONLY be covering all things Star Wars on this geekiest of days.  This is a special year for Star Wars Day as 2015 is the year we get the first new Star Wars film since 1983!

Enjoy your day, and May the Force Be With You….ALWAYS!