Spectacular Geek Rings From Larson Jewelers

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Let us introduce you Larson Jewelers, one of the coolest geek shops we’ve had the pleasure of working with. Larson Jewelers offers one of the largest selections of geeky rings in the industry.  You like Star Wars? They got it. You want Lord Of the Rings (no pun intended), they’ve got that too. Need to rollout with the Autobots? No problem.

Not only does the store offer a wide variety of geekiness to choose from, they also provide custom design and engraving services.  And the best part is that their tungsten bands come with a Lifetime Warranty that covers size exchanges and accidental damage. Too good to be true? We say nay! Check out some of our favorite rings, and hear more about our experience after the break:

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TIE Fighter Watch Costs Nearly As Much As The Death Star, Kinda.


This is definitely the watch you’ve been looking fore. The team at Devon Works, LLC have worked directly work Lucasfilm Ltd. to create a wrist watch that looks like a TIE fighter. This watch will set you back a mere $28,500 USD, and will be limited to 500 units. Yep – that means limited supply people (good thing we all know a very famous smuggler….shhhh.)

The watch is hand-made, designed with 316L stainless steel, a true “diamond-like” black coating, and a scratch-resistant lens up front, made of polycarbonate with “bulletproof” durability. The watch is made up of 350 individual parts, 313 electrical contacts, and 4 time belts. Yes, I said time belts. See the full specs after the break, and what this watch looks like up close.

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Circuit Board Jewelry Makes Bits & Bytes Ignite!


Never have you seen such beautiful motherboards repurposed until you’ve seen them as jewelry. Etsy shop HardResols uses recycled computer circuit boards to create unique necklaces based on a variety of geekdoms. Each pendant is cut, sanded, polished, and protected in resin by hand. See some of our favorites in the collection like: Batman, Star Wars, Star Trek, Super Mario, Assassin’s Creed, and Zelda.

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STAR WARS Inspired Themed Rings


We’ve seen a lot of cool Star Wars jewelry on the interwebs, but since summer is in full swing, and it’s prime time for tying the knot, these rings are the perfect way to let your geek flag fly while saying your “I-Do’s.” Want to see more amazing engagement options? Check it out after the break:

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