Gabbing Geek Reacts To Star Wars Trailer!

GG Crew Reacts

You’ve seen it, right? WE’VE SEEN IT! And if you haven’t seen it – then what the hell are you doing wasting your time reading another word? We’re talking about the STAR WARS EP. VII The Force Awakens trailer! Woot! Woot!! And – to show just how excited we are about this trailer, here is our reaction:

Now go watch it HERE if you haven’t already! GO! GO! GO!

Brighten Up Your Geek Night With These Light Boxes


Every now and again we come across an artist who creates awesome geek stuff, just like these light boxes imagined and built by Christina over at Burnt Pixels. The boxes are made of laser-cut MDF, which is painted beautifully to match the box theme. During the day the box is super cute, but when the lights are out and you place a flameless tea light candle (included) underneath, it lights up! I don’t know about you, but I feel like I need one by my bedside, and maybe even one on my fireplace mantle. Check out more of Christina’s work after the break.

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Because You Can’t Spell Science With QVC

Actually, there’s a lot of things you can’t spell with QVC.  But when fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi debates QVC host Jane Treacy over whether the moon is a planet or start, nobody wins and science loses.

Dear QVC Hosts and Isaac Mizrahi — SHUT THE HELL UP ABOUT ANYTHING EXCEPT YOUR QVC WARES!!  And you can even half shut the hell up about the stuff you’re selling too.