Ladies And Gentlemen…The Arrogant Worms!



I’ve always thought my most geek defining characteristic was not my love of comic books or sci-fi, but that of musical comedy.  Sure, everyone enjoys watching a good parody on SNL or YouTube occasionally, but how many have their iPod full of comedic music albums?

Like most geeks I cut my death on the genre with the king, Mr. “Weird Al” Yankovic.  Yes, you’ll find his complete discography on my iPod.  While I find Al’s more recent work a bit disappointing (which I mostly blame on the fact that he is parodying current top 40 songs, which I hate), I can still put on Dare To Be Stupid and laugh my ass off.  From “Weird Al” I would graduate (to a lesser degree) to Monty Python and Adam Sandler.  But being Canadian I also stumbled across a musical trio from Kingston, Ontario called The Arrogant Worms!

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