You knew we were going to find some original art for you to enjoy on this momentous Star Wars day! And Etsy shop owner GoGoBookArt does not disappoint! Check out these lovely art printed on old antique dictionary paper. Frame it up, and call it day while R2D2 looks on lovingly while snaking on popcorn. I’m most in love with the Yoda version, which you can see after the break!

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Short Documentary Of Why Star Wars Cosplay Is Timeless


Hopefully you were able to see all the amazing cosplay that came out of the Star Wars Celebration this past month. But if you missed it, never fear, Cosplay Boom captured it, along with the touching stories of the people who spend numerous amounts of hours to recreate the characters from a galaxy far far away. Many of the costumes look like they were plucked straight out of the film, but some of the most creative examples are those that blend a cosplayer’s varied passions into one outfit – like the famous Hip-Hop Stormtrooper pictured above.

You’ll want to grab a tissue or at least have your handy “IT WAS ALLERGIES” excuse ready to go, because this video is amazing:

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And The Chrome Stormtrooper Is… (Spoilers)


The one figure that REALLY stands out in the new (AMAZING) trailer for Episode 7 is the character people are calling the Chrome Trooper.  Who is this awesome character destined to be the next Boba Fett?  Click to find out!

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Gabbing Geek Reacts To Star Wars Trailer!

GG Crew Reacts

You’ve seen it, right? WE’VE SEEN IT! And if you haven’t seen it – then what the hell are you doing wasting your time reading another word? We’re talking about the STAR WARS EP. VII The Force Awakens trailer! Woot! Woot!! And – to show just how excited we are about this trailer, here is our reaction:

Now go watch it HERE if you haven’t already! GO! GO! GO!

LEGO Star Wars Battle Of Hoth!


Nothing is better on a Friday than playing with LEGOS. Except for maybe playing with STAR WARS Legos! OR… how about watching a quick animated short of Legos battling it out on Hoth. Yes, yes indeed!

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Star Wars Themed Wedding


Sometimes people just do it right. And in the case of Jennifer and Joshua – they literally take the (wedding) cake! These two love birds love nothing more than Star Wars, and as you can see from the photo above – they incorporated the iconic movie into their special day. And what’s even more awesome is that THIS WAS JENNIFER’S CHOICE, not Joshua’s. DOH!!! Why didn’t I think of that!? Their wedding photos are something from a galaxy far-far-away.

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