Speed Run: Super Mario Bros

supermariospeedrunSpeed runs are when a video game expert utilizes every trick (non-hacking cheat) available to complete a game in the shortest amount of time.  They are impressive to watch when you consider how much time and practice it took to achieve.  Super Mario Bros is a classic game but when a speed runner takes control you realize you have no idea how to play this game.  Check out the current world record speed run as the game is completed in only 4 minutes, 57 seconds after the break.

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Chomp Chomp Thinks Your Cats Are Tasty


Isn’t this little cat bed just purrrrrrrfect? According to the artist, this adorably deadly cat bed was originally going to be a litter box. The artist explained, “I wanted to do something that could sit in a room as art, but also be a usable piece of furniture. Thankfully the idea of a cat bathroom in the living room was short lived, and instead – voila – Chomp Chomp Cat Bed! If you too would like this in your house, head on over to  Catastrophic Creations website and put your name on the mail list, because it’s a long line for this feline fort.  Want to see more – check it out after the break:

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Super Mario Piranha Plant Takes A Chomp Out Of Your Ear


Chomp-petchewy-chomp-petchewy-CHOMP. That’s what these little earrings make me say when I think about how adorable they would be on my ears. I mean – your ears – um….how about anyone’s ears. Even your cat’s ears. The level of detail on these little guys is astounding, all the way down to the little teeth! Want some for yourself, then check out Shut Up And Take My Money (apparently that’s a real store), they’ll run you just over $30.00. Enjoy!

Have Six Years To Spare? Love Super Mario Bros. 3? You’re In Luck!

mario3Check out this Super Mario Bros. 3 superfan who spent six years of his life crocheting this map recreation.  No, it isn’t all Kjetil Nordin did during that time.  He’s also a skydiving champion.  Which we’re pretty sure is what you get after you do a bunch of jumps and don’t die.  So, congrats Kjetil!  You have an awesome first name, you’re not dead, and you crocheted a video game map.  The world is your oyster!

Inaugural Class: World Video Game Hall of Fame!

ET Video Game

The brand spanking new World Video Game Hall of Fame just announced it’s first class.  Did the right games make the list?

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Awesome Cosplay Of The Day: MARIO


Hi There! It’s-A me! Mario!