Podcast Reaction: Yippee Ki-Yay Mister Falcon Edition


On this week’s podcast, listener Wachnroll asked via Geek Mail an innocent enough question.  When the podcast bleeps out bad language, is it just for comedic effect or did one of our beloved podcasters turn a blue phrase?

Watson had the answer which I will reveal after the break…

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The Problem With Superman


I’ve never regularly collected Superman comics.  As you can probably guess by what I tend to write about, I’ve always been more of a Spider-Man fan with Batman a very, very close second.

Nothing against the big blue boy scout, and I’m not even sure why he ranks so low on my interest level.  Maybe he is too powerful and I relate more to the hero that is more worried about getting home with a cake for his Aunt May’s dinner party than how to beat the Shocker this go round.

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